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Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS)

Measure Administered: Head Start year pre-intervention, Head Start year post-intervention


LaParo, K. M., Pianta, R. C., & Stuhlman, M.  (2004).  The classroom assessment scoring system:  Findings from the prekindergarten year.  The Elementary School Journal, 104, 409 – 426.

Description:  The CLASS is an observational measure that assesses 10 dimensions of teaching quality: positive climate, negative climate, teacher sensitivity, over-control, behavior management, productivity, concept development, instructional learning formats, quality of feedback, and children's engagement.  Observers rate these dimensions during 4, 20-minute periods in one day in each classroom.  Observers consider the behavior of any adults in the classroom (e.g. both the lead and assistant teacher), but are instructed to weigh the behavior of the lead teacher most heavily.

Scoring:  Each CLASS item is rated on a 7-point Likert scale after the 20-minute observation period.  Since there are four observation periods, each item has four scores.  The mean across the four periods is the final score for each item.  Note that 1 is low and 7 is high; also note that negative climate and over-control are reverse scored so that all scoring is in the same direction.

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