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Student-Teacher Relationship Scale

Measure Administered: Head Start year pre-intervention, Head Start year post-intervention 


Pianta, R. C.  (2001).  Student-Teacher Relationship Scale:  Professional Manual.  Lutz, FL:  Psychological Assessment Resources.

Description: The Student-Teacher Relationship Scale, a questionnaire completed by each teacher, consists of 16 items assessing how the teacher gets along with a particular child in her or his classroom. 

Due to limited time available for assessment, our version is an abbreviated version of the original, 28-item scale.  The original scale consisted of 3 subscales: conflict (12 items), closeness (11 items), and dependency (5 items). Our version includes the 8 highest factor loading items from the conflict subscale and the 8 highest factor loading items from the closeness subscale.  No items were included from the dependency subscale.  

Scoring: Teachers rated each item using a 5-point Likert scale.  Response options included: definitely does not apply (1), does not really apply (2), neutral or not sure (3), applies somewhat (4), definitely applies (5).  As in the original version of the Student-Teacher Relationship Scale, we calculated a total score.  Items from the conflict subscale were reverse scored, and the total of that subscale was then combined with the total from the closeness subscale. 

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